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Vol 170 No 2
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Feasibility study of CO2 storage in closed coal mines

Marcin A. Lutyński1
Piotr Sakiewicz2
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  • 1 — Silesian University of Technology
  • 2 — Silesian University of Technology
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The increase in energy demand causes greater greenhouse gases emission. The most dangerous greenhouse gas is the carbon dioxide which emission is going to double over the next 20 years. The paper presents a concept and feasibility study of a CO 2 storage in abandoned coal mines as one of the CO 2 sequestration methods. The main advantages of this method are: close location to the source of emission, low cost of storage, high storage capacity of closed workings as well as remaining coal seams. The main obstacles for the implementation of this method are: gas migration to the surface due to former mining operations and mine flooding, proper sealing of all the surface connections (shafts, adits, etc.), gas leakage within long period of time and material stability in aggressive medium. A concept of a CO 2 high pressure storage as well as storage mode of CO 2 in a coal mine are presented in the paper.

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  1. Assessing the Potential of Carbon Capture & Storage. Ecoal vol. 53, World Coal Institue, London. 2005.
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