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Mine waste management in upper silesian coal basin (USCB)

Jacek Nowak1
Aleksander Frejowski2
  • 1 — Silesian University of Technology
  • 2 — Silesian University of Technology
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Date published:


The paper discusses some issues concerning coalmine waste management in Upper Silesian Coal Basin. Due to the ecological and economic conditions, the quantity of currently generated waste has been reduced and the quantity of recovered or recycled waste has increased. The main uses of the recovered waste include filling materials for mining headings, leveling works and other civil engineering tasks. Old waste coal heaps are also subject to reclamation projects and adjustment to serve the functions of recreation or leisure activities, or used as alternatives sources of natural aggregates. The lands reclaimed from the liquidation of waste coal heaps have found new applications, as attractive, centrally located sites are scarce in Upper Silesian Coal Basin.

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