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Geotechnical engineering, powerengineering and automation

Current problems in reactive distillation process control

Ioana Georgescu1
Gabriel Rădulescu2
  • 1 — Petroleum – Gas University of Ploieşti
  • 2 — Petroleum – Gas University of Ploieşti
Date submitted:
Date published:


A reactive distillation plant is one of the most important and «delicate» functional components of a complex chemical plant. While steady state modeling and simulation tend to become the standard today by using some well known dedicated software tools, only little is known about the dynamic simulation in the open literature. Due to the process complexity, the references in this field mention many difficulties in building-up a dynamic model that could be appropriate for numerical integration. The (dynamic) simulation is useful in understanding the behavior of such a complex plant. But the most important goal by using an appropriate simulation tool would be to design and set up a control system for such a reactive distillation process.

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