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Geodesy, geomechanics and underground construction

Mining subsidence – polish formal and legal solutions

Dominika Kluska
  • AGH-University of Seince and Tehnology
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Mining subsidence caused by mineral activity and change of the site initial use is responsible for many negative effects on the ground surface. Mining has adverse effect on the ground surface, under which it takes place, as well as grounds adjacent to it. It also causes water system disturbances. Subsidence is related to various buildings belonging to different subjects not directly involved in mineral working. Repairing mining subsidence damage is both an economic and a social problem. Generally, it can be said that companies taking part in mineral working have been obliged to make amends to parties whose property has been damaged as result of coal mining operations. This paper refers to the problem solution of mining damage to a flat building situated in the mining area of Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa S.A. The matter has been presented from both the owner of the property and the company’s perspective. This report shows mining subsidence restoration procedures, legal regulations and required documentation. 

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