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Geodesy, geomechanics and underground construction

Special conditions of transporting routes construction in undermined areas in Czech Republic

Jaroslav Broul1
Jiří Husárik2
  • 1 — VŠB–Technical University of Ostrava
  • 2 — VŠB–Technical University of Ostrava
Date submitted:
Date published:


In undermined areas some changes of geological-geotechnical proportions, mainly hydrogeological ones, may occur and through its effects it can cause temporary or permanent malfunction of the transportation routes and related structures, such as subsidence (continuous or discontinuous), shifts, inclination etc. Such changes and deformations are evoked by mining activities (all interventions into earth crust done for reaching mining deposits) and also by activities done by mining techniques (all interventions into earth crust for technical purposes – underground spaces of old municipal development, collectors etc.). Mining gases also appear in areas with black coal mining. The main component of the mining gas is “methane”. Its occurrence was noticed around old mining works, which are not ventilated, where mining gases penetrate to surface as a result of leakage.

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