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Geodesy, geomechanics and underground construction

The research of vertical displacements of the rock mass inside and in environment of the bears’ Cave in Kletno

Joanna Andrzejewska
  • Agricultural University of Wroclaw
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The Bears’ Cave in Kletno is the most beautiful cave in Poland. Students of Geodesy and Cartography at the Agricultural University of Wroclaw take level survey of the Cave during their training camps of the Scientific Circle of Geodesists for over twenty years. The study is used to scientific research of the Sudetes, as well as to estimate the degree of security of tourist routes in the Cave. The measurements are taken with precise level equipment and additionally, readouts are rectified by laboratory tests. The Cave area is characterised by complex geologic structure. Two tectonic faults are situated in close of the surroundings Caves. Results of the studies show instability of geologic-tectonic structures on analyzed area.

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