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Topical issues in prospecting and development of oil and gas deposits

Новые конструктивно-функциональные решения оборудования для бурения скважин и добычи нефти

Storozh Ion Andrei1
Kalote Nikolaie2
  • 1 — Университет нефти и газа
  • 2 — Университет нефти и газа
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This article presents the functional evolutions of drilling and pumping units determined by the necessity to increase the selling performance of a company working in competitive conditions. That is why the permanent optimal handling was analyzed at the oil-rig, together with such problems such as work performance and introduction of new design solutions for hydraulic actuator, couples and breaking systems, mud pumps. The temporal evolution of the technical solutions is presented for the extraction unit of the oil products accompanied by it’s advantages and disadvantages. 

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