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Application of magnetic method in the geological research of facial differentiation of the Upper Jurassic limestones in Krakow-Wielun Upland, Southern Poland

Joanna Jędrys
  • AGH – University of Science and Technology
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According to magnetic survey, there are strong linear and a few 3D anomalies on the Krakow-Wielun Upland. The upland is built mainly of Upper Jurassic massive and bedded limestones. All anomalies were caused by large intrusions in the upland’s Palaeozoic basement. They are associated with the significant fault zone that separates terrane-like crustal blocks. In the Late Jurassic, presence of the intrusions in the bedrock caused forming of elevations on the sea bottom. Such elevations were the most important factors which stimulated growth of carbonate reef-like buildups. In the landscape of the Krakow-Wielun Upland these buildups form characteristic monadnocks. The interpretation of magnetic survey conducted in this area allows to understand the genesis and morphology of the upland.

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