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Sedimentary features of Tylawa limestones (lower oligocene) in the polish flysch carpathians

Agnieszka Ciurej
  • AGH – University of Science and Technology
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The article presents preliminary observations on development and sedimentary features of the Tylawa limestones, which are the oldest coccolith limestone horizon in the Oligocene of the Carpathians. Tylawa limestones occur as thin intercalations in Menilitic Beds. A characteristic feature of these limestones is their specific type of lamination. The thin laminae are arranged in distinctive successions. These successions are suitable for long-distance correlation of laminae in the Tylawa limestones in different tectonic units of the Carpathians. Present features as erosional gaps, plastically deformed laminae, dissolution structures, as well as sediments between laminae e.g., thin layers of mud, clay or non-laminated limestones, may preclude detailed correlation of laminae sequences. Observations of distribution and development of the Tylawa limestones seem to confirm the presence of an early Oligocene event in Carpathian basin, which favored deposition of the Tylawa limestones over the vast area.

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