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R. Kavalla, V. Yu. Bazhin (2016) Properties isotropy of magnesium alloy strip workpieces. Journal of Mining Institute. Vol 222. p. 828. DOI: 10.18454/pmi.2016.6.828
KavallaR., & BazhinV. Y. (2016). Properties isotropy of magnesium alloy strip workpieces. Journal of Mining Institute, 222, 828.

Properties isotropy of magnesium alloy strip workpieces

R. Kavalla1
V. Yu. Bazhin2
  • 1 — Freiberg Mining Academy, Institute of Casting Technologies
  • 2 — Saint-Petersburg Mining University
Date submitted:
Date published:


The paper discusses the issue of obtaining high quality cast workpieces of magnesium alloys produced by strip roll-casting. Producing strips of magnesium alloys by combining the processes of casting and rolling when liquid melt is fed continuously to fast rolls is quite promising and economic. In the process of sheet stamping considerable losses of metal occur on festoons formed due to anisotropy of properties of foil workpiece, as defined by the macro- and microstructure and modes of rolling and annealing. The principal causes of anisotropic mechanical properties of metal strips produced by the combined casting and rolling technique are the character of distribution of intermetallic compounds in the strip, orientation of phases of metal defects and the residual tensions. One of the tasks in increasing the output of fit products during stamping operations consists in minimizing the amount of defects. To lower the level of anisotropy in mechanical properties various ways of treating the melt during casting are suggested. Designing the technology of producing strips of magnesium alloys opens a possibility of using them in automobile industry to manufacture light-weight body elements instead of those made of steel.

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