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A complex of gravi-, magneto-, electroprospecting аnd geoelectrochemical methods for local prediction and prospecting for hydrocarbon deposits

S. G. Alekseev1
S. A. Veshev2
N. A. Voroshilov3
E. G. Margovich4
M. B. Shtokalenko5
O. F. Putikov6
  • 1 — FGU NPP «Geologorazvedka»
  • 2 — FGU NPP «Geologorazvedka»
  • 3 — FGU NPP «Geologorazvedka»
  • 4 — FGU NPP «Geologorazvedka»
  • 5 — FGU NPP «Geologorazvedka»
  • 6 — Saint-Petersburg State Mining Institute (Technical University)
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Date published:


It is proposed to use interpretational spatial distributions of effective parameters of the medium under investigation instead of measured fields in the process of comprehensive prediction-prospecting investigations. There are used effectively: effective density, effective magnetization, intensity of probable sources of geochemical anomalies.

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