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Hydrogeology, engineering geology

Principles of development of geological engineering and geological criteria for safe burial of low radioactive wastes in lower cambrian blue clays in the Leningrad region

R. E. Dashko
  • Saint-Petersburg State Mining Institute (Technical University)
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It is noticed that the chosen territory for nuclear-waste disposal in Lower Cambrian clay massif nearby Koporje of Leningrad region takes place in a tectonic zone. Lower Cambrian clays are considered as the block-fractured rock mass having a depth zone structure. The long radioactive irradiation of dark blue clays has led to transformation of their structure, physical-chemical and physical-mechanical properties, and also to activization of microbial activity. Nine criteria to the geoenvironmental and engineering geological characteristics allowing in a complex to estimate safety and reliability of a nuclear-waste disposal in clay formations on an example of dark blue clays are suggested.

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