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Geology, search and prospecting of mineral deposits

Prediction and prospecting types of reflection of buried kimberlite fields in terrigenous diamond-bearing rocks

V. N. Ustinov
  • ALROSA Co. Ltd.
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On the basis of complex of lithologic-stratigraphic, mineralogical, facial-dynamic, paleogeomorphologic and morphogenetic features of post-kimberlitic terrigenous diamond-bearing rocks and reconstructed synchronous relief three prediction and prospecting types of reflection of buried kimberlite fields are distinguished. It is shown that ranging of diamondiferous territories to various types enables to direct exploration works to discovery of diamond deposits of the certain origin and makes possible to select proper prospecting technique. With the use of suggested criteria of research of promising territories the evaluation of diamond presence in the industrial regions of the Siberian, East-European and African-Arabian platforms is carried out.

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