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Stratigraphy, paleontology and regional geology

Importance of taphonomic researches for solution of biotopes and ecological-facial ostracod communities of some Silurian and lower devonian ostracoda from the South Tien Shan

E. D. Mikhailova
  • Saint-Petersburg State Mining Institute (Technical University)
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Importance of taphonomic researches of ostracod remains from the Middle Paleozoic deposits of the South Tien Shan for solution of ecological-facial and biostratigraphical problems is demonstrated. The allochthonous and subautochthonous ostracod burials of some Silurian and lower Devonian stratigraphic units from the South Tien Shan are described. Six stable pattern types of ecological-facial ostracod communities, connected with different paleoenvironments are presented. The development of communities is traced through lower Silurian and lower Devonian.

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