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Vol 184
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The estimate of the utilization’s efficiency of the production waste products, which appeared as a result of the preservation of the environment measures

E. M. Pronin
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  • Saint-Petersburg State Mining Institute (Technical University)
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Nowadays the problems of the stable growth of mineral and source of raw materials and fuel and energy complex industries are attached great importance to, since it influences the country social-economic condition. In its turn the development of the mining industry requires opening up new lands, which are especially vulnerable to different kinds of anthropogenous and technogenous factors. The changes in the state of economic system have excluded the lowering expenditure by the economy of the production scale. The typical features of a new economy became the progress of free competition and intensive demonopolization. At the same time for the mining industry it is significant that large-scale enterprises should be the foundation of many cities economies of the Russian Federation. For the way out of a system crisis it is necessary to change the strategy – to alter not only the condition of the system, but its management. The formation of the mining complexes permits to use sources of raw materials of the exploited deposits in the proper way, to process waste products of the basic production into the commodity output, to raise the efficiency and cut costs of the preservation of the environment measures from concentration waste products, exhaust solutions, gases, warm water harmful influence on the environment. The practical use of the production waste products of the mining complexes is unprofitable and makes sense only because of its opportunity partially compensating the aggregate investments for the preservation of the environment. The estimate of the utilization s efficiency of the production waste products has made.

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