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Problems in conservation of resources? mine surveying and wise erth's interior utilization

Results of repeated geodetic observations аt the Мukhanovsk technogenic geodynamic polygon

A. G. Grunin1
I. M. Zalyalov2
O. D. Ivanchik3
Yu. O. Kuz'min4
  • 1 — PromNedraExpert So.
  • 2 — Rosneft Co.
  • 3 — Terra-M Co.
  • 4 — IPE RAS
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Date published:


Results of repeated leveling observations on the geodynamic range, organised on the Muhanovsky oil field (Samara region) are presented. It is shown that the most abnormal vertical displacement of a terrestrial surface (120 mm) are dated to fault to a zone located in the western part of the field and represent an essential danger to objects of the infrastructure of an oil field. Vertical displacement along the profile crossing Otradny town, located at oil field, are insignificant and it makes value of 2 to3 mm.

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