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Problems in geomechanics of technologeneous rock mass

The use of data on stress-strain state of rock mass in solutions of mining-and-technical tasks on the example of the Tishin ore mine

Yu. A. Kashnikov1
S. G. Ashikhmin2
D. V. Shustov3
A. I. Ananin4
A. E. Fadeev5
  • 1 — The Permian State Technical University
  • 2 — The Permian State Technical University
  • 3 — The Permian State Technical University
  • 4 — VNIItsvetmet
  • 5 — Kazzinc Co.
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Date published:


The Permion State Technical University and ASE «VNIItsvetmet» have carried out in situ measurements of stress-strain state at the Tishinsky lead-zinc ore deposit. Measurements and interpretation of deformations and stresses caused by excavation were used. Complex of researches made it possible to solve some important problems for safeguarding effective and secure ore production ore on deep level. 

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