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Problems in geomechanics of technologeneous rock mass

Geomechanical and hydrogeological problems оf the Yakovlevsky deposit development

V. L. Trushko1
A. G. Protosenya2
R. E. Dashko3
  • 1 — Saint Petersburg State Mining Institute (Technical University)
  • 2 — Saint Petersburg State Mining Institute (Technical University)
  • 3 — Saint Petersburg State Mining Institute (Technical University)
Date submitted:
Date published:


The article deals with geomechanical and hydrogeological problems under the Yakovlevsky ore deposit development including variations in strength properties. The estimation of feasible underground water inrush inside the mining excavation is done. In situ results of ore strata deformation around excavation are discussed. Numerical modeling of stress and strain in the waterproofing ore pillar due to partially backfilling of excavation is carried out.

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