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Effective communication skills development as social and cultural component of foreign language teaching ...

Methodical recommendations for teaching post graduate students of technical high school to compose abstracts of scientific articles in english

P. A. Vasil'eva
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  • Saint Petersburg State Mining Institute (Technical University)
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In the paper some methodical recommendations for writing abstracts in English are presented. They are given with taking into consideration the lexical-grammatical and syntactic features of scientific texts in English. The logical correlated phrases for composing abstract have been distinguished.

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  1. Динг Ксин-Шан. К вопросу о Текстоориентированному подходу // Форум преподавания английского языка. 1994, октябрь.
  2. Холлидей М.А.К., Хасан Р. Связи в английском языке. Лондон, 1976.

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