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Philosophy and history of science, culture and education

Humanitarization of the ecological education аs a function of the ecological expert training system

I. G. Rebeshchenkova
  • Saint Petersburg State Mining Institute (Technical University)
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Ecological crisis is the essential part of the total crisis of the modern civilization. It is the consequence of the number of the causes, including dehumanization of society, moral decadence, loss of need in the beauty and so on. These processes are the special danger for the young generation. For the neutralization of the negative processes it is necessary to combine the ecological education with the ecological training, is engaged in its humanitarisation. In this connection we have the task of the creation of the ecological preparation system of the specialists. Saint Petersburg State Mining Institute is the first institute in Russia, in which are introduced the disciplines of the ecological profile and in which is accumulated the considerable experiment in the education of the engineers-ecologists, is created the scientific base and the skilled workers, is extended the spectrum of the directions and the disciplines – is laid of the stable foundation for the proposed system of the ecological education. The natural-science and engineering blocks of this foundation with the necessity must are cemented with the block of the social and humanistic disciplines, including ecoethics, ecoesthetics, ecopsychology, ecophilosophy, ecohistory, ecopolitology, ecoethnology, etc. 

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