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Philosophy and history of science, culture and education

Role of industrial out-movement in natural resources development of USSR in the 1920-1930th years

I. V. Voloshinova
  • Saint Petersburg State Mining Institute (Technical University)
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Migration politics is the main part of economic and social development of the country. State regulation of migration flows in Russia is a problem, which considers a lot of factors including the size of the territory, the scheme of resettlement, the length of border, the peculiarities of development of separate regions, labor market and etc. At regulation of migration flow such problems as rationalization of area distribution, effective usage of labour resources, formation of labour market and market lodging, increasing of qualification level of population are considered. Migration plays an important role of national politics and is one of priorities of government. This article considers the bases of rational resettlement and usage of labour resources in development of natural recourses.

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