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Applied and fundamental research in physics and mathematics

Thermal, power and economic parameters of innovative technology of development of nearsurface geothermal deposits

E. I. Boguslavskii
  • Saint Petersburg State Mining Institute (Technical University)
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Deficiency of organic fuel and necessity of protection of environment cause growth of rates of development practically inexhaustible, everywhere widespread and ecologically pure geothermal resources. For needs of a heat supply especially actively developing innovative technology of development of near-surface geothermal resources has great value. Operative mining of the production schedules containing optimum parametres and indicators PSGT is necessary for designing and building of near-surface systems of a geothermal heat supply (PSGT). The imitating economic-mathematical model is developed, the algorithm and the program of their optimisation are created. Computer calculations for a wide range of natural, power and economic conditions are carried out. Key parametres and indicators PSGT are defined. Their optimum values for a heat supply of local consumers (apartment houses) in the conditions of the Yaroslavl area are recommended.

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