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Problems in geodynamic and ecological safety in the exploration of fields of oil and das, their storage and transporta

Geomechanical and geodynamic problems ассompanying the мining of hydrocarbon deposits

Yu. A. Kashnikov1
S. G. Ashikhmin2
S. V. Gladyshev3
S. N. Popov4
  • 1 — Permian State Technical University
  • 2 — Permian State Technical University
  • 3 — Permian State Technical University
  • 4 — Permian State Technical University
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Rock mechanics in petroleum industry is used for determination of geomechanical models of rock mass, calculating parameters of rock subsidence, stability of oil and gas wells, problems relevant to geodynamics. The present paper describes the analytical and numerical analyses of compaction in reservoir, following reduction in filter-capacity performance and well productivity. 

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