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Problems in geodynamic and ecological safety in the exploration of fields of oil and das, their storage and transporta

Typization of coalbed-methane deposits оf the kuznetsk basin by promising methane output with using different technologies of gas recovery intensification of coal seams

N. M. Storonskii1
V. T. Khryukin2
E. V. Shvachko3
A. N. Vasil'ev4
A. V. Kiril'chenko5
N. S. Malinina6
D. V. Mitronov7
  • 1 — Gasprom promgas Co
  • 2 — Gasprom promgas Co
  • 3 — Gasprom promgas Co
  • 4 — Gasprom promgas Co
  • 5 — Gasprom promgas Co
  • 6 — Gasprom promgas Co
  • 7 — Gasprom promgas Co
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Experts of «Gazprom promgaz» Co based on international experience of coalbed methane (CBM) mining have developed recommendations for expedient application of various methods of coalbed gas recovery intensification under different mining conditions. It will result in reduction of wells number and increase in methane extraction degree.

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