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Vol 188
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Problems in geodynamic safety in the exploration of solid deposits

Modeling of geomechanical processes in mining the steeply pitching ore bodies of rockburst-hazardous deposits

I. Yu. Rasskazov1
M. I. Rasskazova2
V. I. Miroshnichenko3
B. G. Saksin4
About authors
  • 1 — Institute of Mining, the Far-East Office of RAS
  • 2 — Institute of Mining, the Far-East Office of RAS
  • 3 — Institute of Mining, the Far-East Office of RAS
  • 4 — Institute of Mining, the Far-East Office of RAS
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The article contains the results of numerical modeling of stress-strain state in constructive elements of mining systems, applied at hazardous and prone to rook bursts deposits of the Far-East. Consideration is given to some stated regularities of forming of teсhnogenic stress field and geomechanical processes proceeding in rock mass of minable deposits which allow to substantiate a сomplex of measures for prevention of dynamic rock pressure manifestations.

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