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Problems in geodynamic safety in the exploration of solid deposits

Providing of safe conditions for mining of shaftbottom protective pillars in deep ore mines at Тalnakh

V. A. Zvezdkin1
A. G. Anokhin2
R. B. Galaov3
  • 1 — Saint Petersburg State Mining Institute (Technical University)
  • 2 — The Norilsk Nickel Co
  • 3 — The Norilsk Nickel Co
Date submitted:
Date published:


Consideration is given to the causes complicating the mining of shaftbottom pillar and protection of shaft lining. The analysis is given to the formation of stress-strain state of the protective pillar and its enclosing rocks. Practical recommendations are given for control of deformation and stresses in the shaftbottom mass during extraction of protective pillars in deep ore mines at Talnakh.

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