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Vol 188
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Geomechanical foundations of the safe extraction in joint mining of rich, coppery and ore patches in deep ore mines at Тalnakh

V. A. Zvezdkin1
A. A. Andreev2
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  • 1 — Saint Petersburg State Mining Institute (Technical University)
  • 2 — Saint Petersburg State Mining Institute (Technical University)
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The paper deals with the specific formation of stress fields in ore-bearing intrusions at the Oktiabrsky and Talnakh ore deposits with due account of depth of occurrence and formation of tectonic disturbances. The authors have investigated the influence of mining works on stress state of ore-bearing portion of the intrusion. The relationships were obtained in terms of the formation of stress fields in the intrusion during its undermining, overmining and joint mining of several ore deposits. Some recommendations are given for mining of series of ore formations at the Oktiabrsky and Talnakh deposits.

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  1. Указания по безопасному ведению работ на Талнахском и Октябрьском месторождениях, склонных и опасных по горным ударам / ГГУ. Норильск, 2007.

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