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Problems in geodynamic safety in the exploration of solid deposits

Influence of blocky-hierarchy structure of geological medium on the forming of natural and technogenic geodynamic fields in the North-West part of the Amur geoblock

I. Yu. Rasskazov1
B. G. Saksin2
  • 1 — Institute of Mining, the Far-East Office of RAS
  • 2 — Institute of Mining, the Far-East Office of RAS
Date submitted:
Date published:


On the example of the South-Argun uranium ore district of Zabaikalie consideration is given to the interaction of regional and local fields of stresses. The district includes a number of deposits prone to rock bursts. The performed analysis contains data on recent geodynamics of the explored part of the Amur geoblock as well as on geomechanical and geologo-structural materials of Tulukuev caldera and of Antey deposit. It is shown that with the use of the M.A. Sadovsky relationship the indices of local structural forms of a row are subjected to unified laws of deformation and fracturing. Conclusion was made that at the beginning of deposit exploitation the direction of action of stress field within rock mass conformed to regional one, and then it considerably changed under influence of large-scale mining operations.

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