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Development of solid mineral deposits

Experimental and theoretical studies and justification of geotechnology of stock pile formation from pelletized gold-bearing ores in order to enhance its filtration properties

S. B. Tataurov
  • Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation
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Optimal parameters of geotechnology of stock pile formation from pelletized gold-bearing ores were established basing on experimental and theoretical studies in order to enhance its filtration properties. In particular, exponential dependence was established of permeability coefficient on the stock pile height and the ultimate strength of the pelletized ore, its bulk weight and content of coarse particles +2 mmin combination with sandy-loamy and loamy fine grained soil. Without account of this data loss of gold within the stock pile can increase over 2 or 3 times. Basing on the results obtained application of the combined geothechnology of heap leaching of gold-bearing clayey materials of natural and man-made origin was justified.

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