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Vol 189
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Geology and geophsics

Definition areas of possible migration gas fromthe reservoir by cross-hole seismic tomography method

N. A. Pozdnyakova
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  • Saint Petersburg State Mining Institute (Technical University)
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Possibilities of cross-hole a seismoacoustic tomography method for studying tightness a tire-cover of a reservoir underground storehouse of gas (USG), created in water-bearing horizont. Research cross-hole spaces for definition zones possible migration and accumulation gas outside of a trap are considered. The system of supervision used at carrying out cross-hole seismoacoustic tomography is proved, the example of revealing zones migration and accumulation gas outside from reservoir is resulted. Prospects  application the given method on USG in a monitoring mode are defined.

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  2. Бобровский С.А. Газовые сети и газохранилища/ С.А.Бобровский, Е.И.Яковлев. М.: Недра, 1980. 174 с.

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