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Vol 190
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Mine survey

Perfection of the mine servey and geological maintenance of technology of open mountain works

R. A. Takranov
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  • Saint Petersburg State Mining Institute (Technical University)
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The factors influencing for open mountain works are established, bases of geologo-information model, typification of mountain-geological complexity of working out of coal deposits of advanced ways and means primary geologiche-skoj are offered the information. An effective method of a supply with information mine works is drawing up of the geologo-technological passport dredge-face. For mine works and their key process – drilling and explosive works the most significant geologists-cheskie the factors which are subject to studying and use for drawing up of passport drilling and explosive works are established. Skilled detonation confirms expediency of the offered improvements and use of laws of the geological factors, influencing crushing of breeds.

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  1. Такранов Р.А. Геологические работы на угольных карьерах. М.: Недра, 1975. 296 с.
  2. Такранов Р.А. Геологическое обеспечение открытой разработки сложноструктурных угольных пластов на Экибастузском месторождении / Р.А.Такранов, К.А.Айткалиев // Изв. вузов. Геология и разведка. 1990. № 4. С.85-90.

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