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Complex monitoring of underground waters on the Jakovlevsky deposit of rich iron ores and its role in increase of mine works conducting safety in the conditions of not drained water-bearing horizons

R. E. Dashko1
E. N. Kovaleva2
  • 1 — Saint Petersburg State Mining Institute (Technical Universiti)
  • 2 — Saint Petersburg State Mining Institute (Technical Universiti)
Date submitted:
Date published:


Specificity of hydro-geological conditions of the Jakovlevsky deposit and operating system of a drainage on the mine with the same name is resulted. It is underlined that mine works are conducted under not drained high pressure water-bearing horizons. The complex hydrochemical and hydrodynamic monitoring of underground waters is considered as implement for increase of safety of extraction mine works in difficult mine-geological conditions. The comparative analysis of hydro-geological monitoring three cycle’s results which has shown gradual expansion of underground waters overflowing front from not drained horizon is carried out. Negative consequences of such process are specified. The development features of various biological forms of a life in mine which destroy construction materials are noted. Actions for decrease in consequences of an overflowing are planned.

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