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Vol 191
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Problems of sustainable development of mineral raw material complex

The factors defining the stability and sustainable development of mineral and raw materials enterprises and the factors’ influence оn the activity results evaluation

E. M. Pronin1
V. E. Vasil'ev2
V. Yu. Tsvetkov3
About authors
  • 1 — Saint Petersburg State Mining Institute (Technical University)
  • 2 — Saint Petersburg State Mining Institute (Technical University)
  • 3 — president of presidium
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Recently the development of competition and intensive demonopolization have become typical features of the new economic course in the Russian Federation. However at the same time in the main the large-scale industrial works, being the basic resource for the majority of Russian cities, are typical of the mining industry. It is the formation of the mining-industrial complexes that permits more precisely and appropriately to use the raw resources of the worked deposit, to increase the efficiency of production, to convert the waste products of the basic production into the commodity output, and to decrease the cost price of the protecting environment measures. Lately while evaluating the activity of the industrial works, the majority of economists use the conception of «the Sustainable Development», or «the Stability». The sustainable development of the mineral and raw materials enterprises is of the utmost importance nowadays as it may influence the social-economical development of the whole country. With the various level of influence on every enterprise of the equal level of external influence, the evaluation of the stability of the enterprises group in the mining-industrial complex is the urgent problem for the industrial works of the complex.

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