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Vol 192
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Automation of two stadial grinding for example mineral separation plant GMK «Pechenganickel»

E. E. Andreev1
V. V. Lvov2
N. V. Nikolaeva3
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  • 1 — Saint Petersburg State Mining University
  • 2 — Saint Petersburg State Mining University
  • 3 — Saint Petersburg State Mining University
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The algorithm and system optimal control of two-cycle by stages for mineral separation plant GMK «Pechenganickel». Computer modeling, which allows to determine the optimal set of optimization systems that implement the developed algorithm. A functional diagram of automation, allows the implementation algorithm and a system of optimal control. 

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  1. Андреев Е.Е. Дробление, измельчение и подготовка сырья к обогащению: Учебник / Е.Е.Андреев, О.Н.Тихонов; СПГГИ. СПб, 2007. 440 с.
  2. JKSimMet User Manual and Supplementary Information Manual // JKTech. Indooroopilly, Qld., Australia. 1989. Version 4. Release 1.

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