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Vol 192
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Automation of technological processes аnd manufactures in mining and processing industries

Control systems and diagnostics of the electromechanical equipment of career dredges

A. E. Kozyaruk
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  • Saint Petersburg State Mining University
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The analysis of algorithms of management and diagnostics of the electromechanical equipment of dredges is made. Advantages of algorithm of a direct control of the moment and a method wattmetrografy for problems of monitoring and equipment diagnostics are shown.

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  1. Козярук А.Е. Прямое управление моментом в электроприводе переменного тока машин и механизмов горного производства / А.Е.Козярук, В.В.Рудаков / СПГГИ. СПб, 2008. 100 с.

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