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Bahavior of insoluble anods obtained оn the base of secondary lead by electrowinning copper from sulfuric solution

M. V. Martirosyan1
R. B. Dzhorukhyan2
V. A. Mazmanyan3
  • 1 — «Mika cement»
  • 2 — «Mika cement»
  • 3 — «Kolsky MMC» So
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The behavior of insoluble anodes on the base of the secondary lead, obtained from lead accumulator batteries, waste, in sulfuric solution has been studied. It has been shown that anodic materials obtained by this method are corrosively durable, possess high physical, mechanical and technological properties and have depolarization action on water oxidation reaction. It is recommended to use insoluble anods from these materials in copper electrowinning process. 

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