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Vol 195
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Economics and management

Approach to perfection and progress of the industrial infrastructure (on the example of the deposit «Glubokoe» on extraction of plaster in the Arkhangelsk area)

V. A. Modyanova
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  • Saint Petersburg State Mining University
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The modern market economy represents system of the managing, one of key factors  of  which effective functioning is the condition of its infrastructure. There is an expansion and complication of the functions which are carried out by an infrastructure, its role during the organization of various activities of the enterprise  increases. The industrial infrastructure turns to an integral part of a social and economic life of region. Its progress and perfection become the important factor of formation of branch, functional and territorial structures of administrative area. The question of development of approaches of formation and progress of an infrastructure in the North, revealing of a complex of the factors defining efficiency of its territorial organization  at a level of administrative area, conditions of the greatest feedback of investments into its progress is actual for modern conditions.

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