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Vol 195
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Economics and management

Conception of mining and chemical company competitivness growth strategy creation

A. A. Il'inova
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  • Saint Petersburg State Mining University
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In the article the strategic analysis layout and algorithm of creating competitive strategy of the mining and chemical company in conditions of tough competition and volatility of world fertilizers market are proposed. The conceptual model of key factors of competitiveness decomposition in the phosphate fertilizers manufacture is developed. The principal directions of the mining and chemical company strategic development are  defined.

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  1. Гурьев А.А. Повышение конкурентоспособности горнохимического холдинга на основе реализации программы технического перевооружения (на примере ОАО «ФосАгро»): Автореф. дис. канд. экон. наук. СПб, 2010.

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