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Engiineering-geological and hydrogeological problems of st. Isaak cathedral’s long-term stability substantiation (Saint-Petersburg)

R. E. Dashko1
A. V. Shidlovskaya2
O. Yu. Aleksandrova3
I. V. Alekseev4
About authors
  • 1 — Saint Petersburg State Mining University
  • 2 — Saint Petersburg State Mining University
  • 3 — Saint Petersburg State Mining University
  • 4 — Saint Petersburg State Mining University
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In the paper construction specificity of St. Isaak Cathedral’s underground space and engineering geological profile features are considered. The comparative assessment of condition and properties modification of water-saturated quarternary sandy and clay soils during 55 years are taken up (1954-2009). The dynamic of groundwater contamination due to leakage sewers and its aggressiveness are estimated. The researches of microbes activity in soils which are characterized by quasiheavy values are completed. The structural  of complex monitoring to secure of St. Isaak Cathedral long-term stability are proposed.

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  2. Исследования проводились в лаборатории микологии и альгологии Санкт-Петербургского университета под руководством Д.Ю.Власова.
  3. Дашко Р.Э. Инженерно-геологический и геоэкологический анализ причин деформаций Исаакиевского собора / Р.Э.Дашко, О.Ю.Александрова // Реконструкция городов и геотехническое строительство. 2002, № 5.

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