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Vol 196
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Adsorption and its influence on the mechanism of alumina liquor precipitation

V. V. Radko1
V. N. Brichkin2
N. V. Nikolaeva3
E. E. Gordyushenkov4
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  • 1 — Saint Petersburg State Mining University
  • 2 — Saint Petersburg State Mining University
  • 3 — Saint Petersburg State Mining University
  • 4 — Saint Petersburg State Mining University
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The materials of mass transfer kinetic analysis of complicated by the establishment of adsorption equilibrium, during alumina liquor precipitation of alumina production. It is shown that the presence of strongly adsorbing impurities is one of the determinants of the intensity of the aluminum hydroxide chemical precipitation. The results of experimental studies on the alumina liquor precipitation with the participation of adsorption active components.

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