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Vol 196
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Metallurgy, physical and chemical regularities of technological processes

Effect of potassium on the solubility of aluminum hydroxide in alkaline aluminate solutions аnd their decomposition

V. N. Brichkin1
E. A. Alekseeva2
N. V. Nikolaeva3
E. E. Gordyushenkov4
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  • 1 — Saint-Petersburg State Mining University
  • 2 — Saint-Petersburg State Mining University
  • 3 — Saint-Petersburg State Mining University
  • 4 — Saint-Petersburg State Mining University
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Materials of calculation of solubility of aluminum hydroxide in the system Na2O – K2O – Al2O3 – H2O, by data of the solubility in the private sections of this system for a wide range of compositions aluminate solutions by the content of alkaline components are  presented. It  is shown that the solubility of aluminum hydroxide in the range of concentration of alkaline components from 1,29 mol/l to 1,94 mol/l is a linear function of the mol fraction of one of them. The results of experimental researches on decomposition of aluminate solutions are given. Significant increase of the degree of decomposition of aluminate solutions in per cents of the theoretical values with growth of mol fraction of K2O in  a mixture of alkaline components has been established.

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