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Vol 197
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Technologies in chemistry, concentration and metallurgy. Safety problems

Integrated technology phosphogypsum processing conversion method with ammonium sulfate, phosphomel and new products

V. M. Sizyakov1
S. V. Nutrikhina2
B. V. Levin3
About authors
  • 1 — National Mineral Resources University (University of Mines)
  • 2 — JSC «Ammophos»
  • 3 — Holding «PhosAgro»
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Results of investigations of the conversion methods of processing of large-scale fertilizer production of waste – phosphogypsum to ammonium sulfate and calcium carbonate  (phosphomel). It is shown that, based on fosfomel can be synthesized by an innovative product multi-purpose – hydrocarboaluminates calcium 4CaO×Al2O3×nCO2×11H2O; the ways of effective use of hydrocarboaluminates calcium in the various sectors of the  economy.

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