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Deep open pit walls design using rock mass stress-strained state

S. P. Reshetnyak1
Yu. V. Fedotova2
S. N. Savchenko3
  • 1 — Mining Institute of the Kola Science Centre, RAS
  • 2 — Mining Institute of the Kola Science Centre, RAS
  • 3 — Mining Institute of the Kola Science Centre, RAS
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One of the main deep open pit mining problems is the wall stability for a long time. It is obvious that the basic area of stress concentration in deep pits is the lower  edges of pit  walls. We have been studying the possibility of reducing stress concentrations like these by means of the alteration of the open pit bottom part configuration. To do this, there was considered  the  shape with a smooth passage from walls to the bottom of the pit (by widening the berms in the lower part) instead of trapezoid shape. Calculations were carried out  for deep open pits with a flat and rounded bottom across and along the strike of the ore body.

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