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Foundations for technical solutions in organizing excavation of open ore pits

S. I. Fomin
  • Saint-Petersburg Mining University
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To study stochastic mining technical systems of opencast mines, where parallel to clearly defined values random and indefinite factors operate, probabilistic and statistical techniques are mostly used nowadays. Formally, the task of producing a design solution may, under the conditions of indeterminacy be transformed into an equivalent deterministic problem formulated for a risky situation. Uncertainty in the initial mining, geological and technical-economic information available during the design stage may result in changing the principal output characteristics of the opencast mine and undermine its operational efficiency during its exploitation. Lowering the possible economic losses is then possible via designing a stable technological  system. To minimize the degree of indeterminacy one first of all needs to identify the area of potential risk, define the probability of its emergence and assess its potential consequences. In case such consequences may be precluded, a clearer more complete understanding of the problem would promote a better thought through reaction to potential risk in the course of implementing design solutions.

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