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Geology and metallogeny

Enriched in hydrogen and methan hydrothermal fluids of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge

S. M. Sudarikov
  • National Mineral Resources University (Mining University)
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The results of Russian and international expeditions for investigation of  hydrothermal  plumes and solutions in the Atlantic tropic zone on deep Mid-Atlantic Ridge hydrothermal fields connected with ultrabasic rocks are considered. Visual observations and sampling using submersibles and tow vehicles show the unsteady character of hydrothermal discharge, phase separation of high-temperature (~350 °C) solutions with high content of hydrogen and methan, iron and manganese, low pH and changeable on time and fields area mineralization. High content of H2 and CH4 could be connected with interaction of ultramafics with seawater on high-temperatures and pressures and serpentinization processes.

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