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Geology and metallogeny

Comparative analysis of Uralian, Anabar and Brazilian diamonds by infrared spectrometry method

E. A. Vasil'ev1
A. V. Kozlov2
Yu. V. Nefedov3
V. A. Petrovskii4
About authors
  • 1 — National Mineral Resources University (Mining University)
  • 2 — National Mineral Resources University (Mining University)
  • 3 — National Mineral Resources University (Mining University)
  • 4 — Institute of Geologya of the Komi NTs UrO RAN
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Uralian, Anabar, and Brazilian diamond collections were studied by infrared spectrometry method. For reconstruction of thermal conditions of diamond formation were plotted Taylor Wayne diagrams with calculated isothermal curves. Diagrams of B2-defects distribution and H-centres were done. The conclusion about thermal formation conditions and possible belonging to the sea stream gravels were done.

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