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Geology and metallogeny

Geodynamic types of rare-metal granite magmatism and associated ore deposits

S. M. Beskin1
Yu. B. Marin2
  • 1 — Institute of mineralogy, geochemistry and crystallography of rare-elements
  • 2 — National Mineral Recources University (Mining University)
Date submitted:
Date published:


Matrix systematic of the rare-metals granite magmatism and related ore metallization is represented as a table, where geodynamic types of intrusive groups form columns, and genetic types  of ore metallization – lines (from rare-metal volcanites, granites and pegmatites to weathering crusts and placers). Cells in crossing of lines and columns include as well known so probable geological-industrial types of ore deposits. Analysis of this table shows which types of deposits may be combined in clusters, and which ones correspond to principally different ore-magmatic systems and, thus, can’t occur in a common cluster (except in combination of diachronous groups). Regularities of the rare-metal granites distribution through geological time correlate with the direct evolution of geodynamic environments in the Earth’s history.

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