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Geology and metallogeny

Ongonitic magmatism of the Badzhalsky ore district (Amur River region)

V. I. Alekseev
  • National Mineral Resources University (Mining University)
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In the Mesozoic history of the volcano-plutonic magmatism of Badzhalsky area the fourth Late Cretaceous ongonitic stage is specified. The ongonitic magmatism of the Amur River  region was evolving during several hundreds of thousand years, had cellular nature and eventuated  in the zinnwaldite-microcline-albite granitoids formation with rare-metal accessory complex. In the near-contact zone of the Verhneurmiysky massif Pravourmiysky ongonitic complex, which controls the biggest tungsten-stanniferous deposits of the area and includes ongonite dykes and rare-metal granites of the Dozhdlivy intrusive dome, is determined.

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