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Application of the modern electric exploratory technologies in prospecting of mineral deposits

Difference in galvanic and inductive methods' results, new examples for DIP and BIEP

V. A. Shevnin1
A. A. Bobachev2
I. N. Modin3
T. V. Yalov4
  • 1 — Moscow State University
  • 2 — Moscow State University
  • 3 — Moscow State University
  • 4 — Moscow State University
Date submitted:
Date published:


Difference in apparent resistivity values determined  in  galvanic and inductive  electrical and electromagnetic methods depends on macroanisotropy of layered cross-section and decreased penetration depth of galvanic methods without changing penetration depth of inductive methods. Joint influence of these two factors in case of high contrast of layers' resistivities results in difference in several tens of apparent resistivity values.

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