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Application of the modern electric exploratory technologies in prospecting of mineral deposits

Preliminary results of deep magnetotelluric sounding on geophysical base of moscow university in Kaluga region

E. V. Moilanen1
P. Yu. Pushkarev2
N. L. Shustov3
  • 1 — Moscow State University
  • 2 — Moscow State University
  • 3 — Moscow State University
Date submitted:
Date published:


Since May 2011 we have collected long-period magnetotelluric (MT) data in non-magnetic pavilion on geophysical base of Moscow University in Kaluga region.  Three sets of electrical lines with different types of electrodes were installed. Different groups of authors have made processing of MT records, calculation of apparent resistivity curves. These curves were  compared with apparent resistivity curve obtained on magnetovariational data of Moscow observatory. The 1D inverse problem was solved  for  the deep part of the generalized  curve (T > 30 s).  In particular we succeeded in finding preliminary conductivity values on the depth of crust, upper and middle mantle.

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